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Contactor Type CONT-2-EP-30-06 3000 V 600 A

MAIN CIRCUIT (Both pole in Series)
Number of poles, type of contact 2, normally open mechanically coupled
Rated voltage Un Both poles in series: 3000 V
Nominal insulation voltage 3000 V
Rated current 600A
CONTROL CIRCUIT (Operating mechanism)
Type Electro pneumatic with recall springs
Operating pressure 0.4 - 1.0 MPa
Rated voltage 12 - 220 V
Service voltage 0.7 - 1.25 Un
Power consumption 8-14 W
Number of Contacts Upto 8, NO or/and NC
Rated voltage 220 V
Rated current 20A
Ambient temperature -25C...+40C (on request down to -40C)
Switching rate Min. 2 operations per second
Mechanical life 5X 106 Switching