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Tesmec group is mainly active in the design, production and marketing of integrated solutions for the construction and maintenance of of infrastructures such as aerial and underground Rail networks and pipelines.

The group founded in 1951 with a workforce of more than 300 employees, has four manufacturing units: three in italy, in Grassobbio (Bergamo), Endine Gaiano (Bergamo), Sirone (Lecco) and one in the United States, located in Alvarado (Texas), and it is specialized in the design, production  and marketing of :

  • Machines and integrated systems for the stringing of power lines, fiber optic cables and electric power lines for Railways.
  • High Powered tracked trenchers for linear excavation of underground networks and pipelines or bulk excavation and, to a less extent, Gailmac multipurpose machines.

Stringing Equipment for Railway Lines

This company specializes in the stringing equipments, which is mounted on top of the flat wagon, hence these machines can be supplied either as a complete self-propelled machines or without the wagons and locomotives i.e. only a portion above the flat wagon for the cost effective solution and then locally these equipments can be fitted on Indian make flat wagons already approved in Indian Railways or metro systems.

These Stringing Machines can do the stringing of both the wires together (i.e. Catenary and contact wire) in one go at constant pull force up to the speed up to 6 Kmph.

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